Louvelle - Riva Hair Towel Wrap - Halcyon Garden

Louvelle - Riva Hair Towel Wrap - Halcyon Garden


Strike the perfect balance between a faster dry and giving your crowning glory the TLC it deserves with Louvelle’s Riva towel turban.

When our hair is wet, it is at its most fragile. Rubbing and heat styling your luscious locks in this delicate state can lead to damage, friction and frizz. Created from luxurious yet lightweight and extremely absorbent microfibre, these fashion-forward wrap-style towels can dry your hair in half the time it would take with a regular towel, and hold almost 5x their own weight in water.

Unlike some hair towels, the Riva is generously sized, ensuring it truly is a one-size-fits-all affair, while the button closure stays put with ease.

Reasons we’re sure you’ll love it:

Minimises frizz

Reduces blow dry time

Proprietary fabric dries hair in half the time of a standard towel

Protects hair against friction and heat damage

Generously sized to fit even the longest of locks

Can absorb almost 5x its weight in water

Lightweight, so won’t strain your neck

Button closure for easy application

Keeps hair off your face and your hands free to apply makeup

Suitable for all hair types including curly, frizzy, thick, fine, damaged and thinning

Loved and recommended by hair experts